Updating Payment Methods

Learn how to update a credit card as a payment method for your Pantheon Drupal or WordPress site.

Easily add a new credit card or edit the existing payment method of a site from within the Site Dashboard, under Settings.

Update an Existing Card

  1. Within the Billing tab, select the card you want to edit, and click Update Payment Method.
  2. Enter the new information, and click Update Billing.

Add a New Card

  1. From your Site Dashboard, click Billing.
  2. Select Add Credit Card, and enter the new payment information.
  3. When you're finished, click Update Billing.

Update Card for Multiple Sites

Update multiple sites from a single location to avoid individually changing each site's payment method:

  1. From your User Dashboard, select Account.
  2. Click Billing and then Update.
  3. Enter the new information, and click Update Billing.

Update payment for multiple sites

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