Version Updates

Update to the Current Release {[{releases[0].name}]}

Navigate to the directory where Terminus was originally installed, then run:

curl -O && php installer.phar update


Nothing to install or update

If the update command above returns output indicating that no updates were found, delete the existing Terminus version (e.g. $HOME/terminus) and re-run the install command:

rm -rf $HOME/terminus
mkdir $HOME/terminus
cd $HOME/terminus
curl -O && php installer.phar install

EOL Timeline

Each major and minor version of Terminus is fully supported for one year from the release of the subsequent version. During the supported period, serious bugs and security issues that have been reported are fixed in patch releases. See Semantic Versioning for more information on versioning.

After this period, the version will reach End Of Life (EOL), and will no longer be supported. We strongly encourage you to update Terminus well ahead of the EOL schedule, so that regressions in new versions can be reported and patched in time.

Version EOL Date
2.0.0 TBD
1.9.0 2/20/2020
1.8.1 9/11/2019
1.8.0 or earlier 8/26/2019