Supported Drupal Versions

Learn which versions of Drupal are currently supported, as well as additional compatibility information.

Contributors: Jennifer Hoffman.

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The following table indicates availability of the specified Drupal version, as well as our usage recommendations and our support scope.

Drupal VersionAvailableRecommendedSupported

Drush Version Support

Pantheon currently supports the following Drush versions:

  • Drush 11
  • Drush 10
  • Drush 8


Drush only supports one install method. Your Drupal site is required to be built with Composer and your Drush must be compatible and listed as a dependency. Consider the following information when determining which Drush version is best suited for your site:


We highly recommend running Drush version 8.3.2 or higher when running Drush locally.

Drush Requirements and Compatibility

Drush VersionPHP VersionEnd of LifeDrupal 7Drupal 8Drupal 9
107.1+Jan. 2022Compatible, unsupportedCompatible, unsupported
95.6+May 2020Compatible, unsupported
85.4.5+Nov. 2022Supported, not recommended
75.3.0+July 2017Compatible, unsupported
65.3.0+Dec. 2015Compatible, unsupported
55.2.0+May 2015Compatible, unsupported

*Drush 11 is not available through pantheon.yml. Drush 11 can only be used through a site-local installation.

Refer to our guide on Upgrading PHP Versions for more information.

Modules Support

Refer to Drupal Modules with Known Issues for a list of known compatibility issues.