Site Plans FAQs

Find answers to common questions related to Pantheon's site plans.

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List and Preferred Pricing

List Price

Set price for new sites created after November 15, 2018 that aren’t purchased via a qualified agency partner.

Preferred Price

Preferred pricing is available via qualified Agency Partners. Visit our Preferred Pricing page for more information.

PlanPreferred PriceList Price
Performance (Small)$125$175
Performance (Medium)$225$300
Performance (Large)$450$600
Performance (XL)$750$1,000

Annual Billing

Pantheon offers annual billing plans at lower rates, giving up to two month's worth of savings.

PlanPreferred Annual PriceAnnual Savings
Performance (Small)$1375$125
Performance (Medium)$2475$225
Performance (Large)$4950$450
Performance (XL)$8250$750

Plan Resources

BasicPerformance SmallPerformance MediumPerformance LargePerformance Extra Large
Application Containers11234
PHP Workers48162432
PHP Memory Limit256MB256MB512MB512MB512MB
Custom Domain Limit (per site) 510153570
Free and managed HTTPS
New Relic


If the number of custom domains on a site exceeds that allowed by the new site plan, the site will be migrated to the next largest site plan that matches the number of custom domains used.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I host more than one site on an individual plan?

No. Each online site plan is tied to a single install of the CMS.

Does Pantheon offer discounting for buying sites in bulk?

Yes. If you are interested in bulk pricing, Contact our sales team or your dedicated account manager to discuss.

What if my site's metrics exceed the limit of the Performance Extra Large Plan?

The Performance Extra Large Plan allows for 300,000 monthly visits and 1.5 million monthly page views. High traffic sites should be moved to an Elite plan. To learn about moving to an Elite Plan, please contact us.

If you exceed the Performance Extra Large plan limits of 300,000 monthly visits or 1.5 million page views, your site will be upgraded to a Performance 2X Large Plan, which has a limit of 600,000 monthly visits and 3 million monthly page views. The 2X Large plan is not available for purchase via the Dashboard, but can be applied by our Support team. Prices for the 2X Large plan are as follows:

Payment TypePrice
List Monthly$1,500
List Annual$16,500

Note that the annual plan prices are listed as annual cost.

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