Accessing an Account After the Owner Leaves

Learn how to access an account and set a new owner to a Drupal or WordPress site.

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Site ownership is a self-service feature, and Pantheon does not transfer ownership from one owner to another. Best practice is to own your site in your name with a permanently reachable email.

This article will help you gain access to an account if a site owner has left the agency or project, and you do not have the login information.

The Email Address is Known

  1. Go to the Password Reset page.
  2. Enter the previous owner's email address, and click Request reset link.
  3. Work with your email administrator so you can use the reset link to gain access.
  4. After you sign in, update the email address to an existing employee.

The Email Address is Unknown

If the site is associated with an Organization that has a Pantheon Account Manager, you will need to contact that person in order to request a Support ticket for further assistance. For security and privacy reasons, if the site does not have an Account Manager, Pantheon cannot intercede and forcibly transfer ownership of a site from one user to another.