Select a Plan

Learn the various Pantheon plans offered for your Drupal or WordPress sites.

Pantheon offers multiple service levels, called plans. You can select the plan that works best for you and your needs. In the beginning, you can start on the Personal Plan. Then once you start to grow and have more specific requirements, take a look at the Professional Plan, which can be part of the recipe to get your site or application to scale and perform better.

To get started, navigate to the Site Dashboard.

View Current Plan

The site's current service level is shown within a green label on the Site Dashboard:

confirm new plan

Select Payment Method and Plan

  1. Select a payment method within Settings > Billing, then click Update Payment Method. You can choose from existing cards, add a new card or invite the site owner to pay.
  2. Select the desired plan from Settings > Plan, then click Update Plan.
  3. As the site owner, you will receive an email confirming the change to the site.
  4. After the site billing is processed, you will receive an updated invoice.

Upgrade or Downgrade Plan

Manage a site's plan from the Site Dashboard within Settings > Plan. Select the desired plan and click Update Plan. Plan changes take immediate effect.

A plan upgrade will result in a prorated charge to your account; A prorated credit will be issued for any downgrades.

Downgrade to Sandbox

The following should be considered before downgrading your site from a paid plan to Sandbox:

  • All domains added to Pantheon environments will be removed. If you decide to return to a paid plan in the future, you will need to add the domains again in desired environments.

Downgrade to Personal

The following should be considered before switching to a Personal plan:

Before moving to a Personal plan, we recommend preparing the site by disabling Redis and Solr from within WordPress or Drupal.

Disable Redis

  • Drupal sites will need to disable the Redis module as well as remove the Redis configuration from settings.php.
  • WordPress sites will need to remove the WP Redis drop-in plugin.

Disable Solr