Site Dashboard

In part four of our Quick Start guide, learn about the Pantheon Site Dashboard.

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In this lesson, we learn about the Dev, Test, Live workflow and explore a Pantheon Site Dashboard.

To begin, navigate back to the Pantheon Site Dashboard.

Every Pantheon site comes with 3 separate environments— Dev, Test, Live—which are represented by tabs on your dashboard.


Agencies have access to additional development environments under the Multidev tab.


By default, you’ll find yourself on this tab. This is your development environment. It provides access to a stand-alone copy of your site, with its own codebase, database, and files.

Within the safety of this isolated environment, you can edit code and make updates to your site. In fact, all development on your Pantheon sites starts here.


This environment is for reviewing the changes made in your Dev environment with the most recent content from your live site.

To use the Test environment for this purpose, you first push new code “up” from your Dev environment and clone recent content “down” from your Live environment.

Pantheon Workflow


This environment is for your live site, where content creators actively post and upload media files.

After passing review, you push your new code “up” from the Test environment to this Live environment.

For more details, see The Site Dashboard, or the condensed glossary below.

You should now understand the Dev, Test, Live workflow and know that it's fundamental to the Pantheon Site Dashboard.