On-Server Dev, Part 2

Continued discussion of on-server development on Pantheon

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In this lesson, we’re going to edit code directly. We’ll commit our edits to Dev, review in Test, and deploy to Live. Let’s get started!


To complete this lesson, you need a basic understanding of CSS. If necessary, ask a colleague for help, or feel free to skip this lesson altogether.

If you haven’t added a new theme to your site, please return to the previous lesson and do so now.

  1. Navigate to Code in the Dev tab of your Site Dashboard. Confirm your Connection Mode is set to SFTP.

  2. Click Connect with SFTP to access the credentials for connecting to your preferred SFTP client.

  3. Click Open SFTP Client, and enter your User Dashboard password when prompted.

    If you run into issues, please refer to Pantheon's SFTP documentation.

  4. Now open the code folder in your SFTP client, and navigate to the theme you installed previously.

  5. Let’s make a significant change to your theme’s CSS; something you’ll easily spot when you look at the site.

  6. Return to the Dev tab of your Site Dashboard. The files you just changed will be highlighted in yellow.


    Click the highlighted file changes in the Dev environment, and you can view the specific diff.
  7. Add a commit message, then click Commit to add these files to your Dev environment.

  8. Deploy your changes to the Test environment and review them. When you’re satisfied, deploy to the Live environment.