Create Test & Live

In part five of our Quick Start guide, learn how to create your Test and Live environments.

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In this lesson, we’re going to to create our Test site and our Live site, which we just learned about in the previous lesson.

Watch the video:

Try it yourself:


If you haven’t completed the installation of your Dev site, return to Create New Site, and complete the installation before proceeding with the rest of this guide.

  1. Navigate to your Site Dashboard and click the Test tab. Here you’ll have access to your Test environment, but it hasn’t been created yet. Click Create Test Environment to create one.

    This takes a few moments.

  2. Now click Visit Test Site. This will open your Test site in a new browser tab with the URL

  3. Navigate back to your Site Dashboard, and click the Live tab. Click Create Live Environment to create the environment.

  4. This time, while we wait, let’s click on Workflows . In the dropdown you’ll find your active workflow as well as the workflows we’ve completed to this point.

Congratulations! You now have three copies of your site running in three separate environments: Dev, Test, and Live.