Slack Integrations (optional)

Page five of our guide on Pagerduty integration with New Relic for incident management.

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In this lesson, we'll add the Slack extension to PagerDuty so your team can acknowledge and resolve incidents within a channel.

  1. Login to your PagerDuty account and go to Configuration > Extensions, then click + New Extension.
  2. For the new service, use the following configuration:
  • Select Slack as extension type
  • Enter "" as the name of the extension
  • Select as the service
  • Select Actions available to any Slack user
  • Check all 3 options: Resolves, Acknowledgements, Assignment Changes
  1. Click Authorize:

    Add slack extension

  2. Select the channel to which you’d like PagerDuty to send messages and then Authorize the integration. We recommend using project specific channels:

    CSlack authorization

  3. Go to Configuration > Services, and click the icon next to your existing service then click + New Incident:

    Configure existing service

  4. Create a new incident:

    Create pagerduty incident

This will automatically send notifications to whoever is on-call via SMS and email immediately, in addition to showing up in Slack. The person on-call can acknowledge and resolve the incident through email, SMS, Slack, or from within PagerDuty.

SMS interactions

CSlack authorization