Page four of our guide on Pagerduty integration with New Relic for incident management.

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In this lesson, we'll configure PagerDuty as a notification channel for our New Relic monitor, so that failures immediately open a new incident and notify on-calls per your team's schedule and escalation policy.

Create New Service in PagerDuty

Now we'll add a Service, which is any application, component, or team you wish to open incidents against:

  1. In your PagerDuty account navigate to Configuration > Services, then click Add New Service.

  2. Enter a name. We suggest using the domain name (e.g., so it's easy to identify services for all your projects over time.

  3. Select New Relic from the Integration Type dropdown menu.

  4. Enter a name for the integration, such as "".

  5. Click Add Service.

  6. Copy the integration key to your clipboard.

New Relic Notification Channels

Now we'll hookup our PagerDuty service as a notification channel for our alert policy in New Relic:

  1. Navigate to the Live environment in your Site Dashboard, and click New Relic then Go to New Relic.

  2. Go to Alerts & AI from the top menu, then Notification Channels from the right.

  3. Select New notification channel

  4. Select PagerDuty from the dropdown menu, enter a service name and paste the integration key copied in the previous section:

    New Relic notification channel

  5. Select the Alert policies tab, and Add alert policies

  6. Select the policy created in the monitoring part of this guide, and Save changes