The new Pantheon Dashboard makes it easier to manage your WebOps from one Workspace fast.

Contributors: Edward Angert.

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The new Pantheon Dashboard is WebOps in a single, fast Workspace. Easily visualize and manage sites, users, traffic, metrics, visual regression testing (VRT), and everything else to keep your developer experience smooth and uneventful.

 Early Access

This page refers to products and features which are currently in development or Early Access. The content on this page is subject to change as development continues, so check back frequently to learn the latest developments.

A screenshot of the new Dashboard shows a Workspace with a list of sites

Get Access

Want to try the New Dashboard?

Navigate to your existing Dashboard, then add /beta/workspace/ between and your UUID. For example: You'll be immediately transported to the default Workspace on the New Dashboard. Click Sites on the left to access the Sites view.

Features of the New Dashboard


Autopilot tracks and implements changes, and alerts you if something looks off. See the Autopilot documentation to learn how to use Autopilot to handle your WebOps.

Pantheon Support

The same great Support you already love. The New Dashboard makes it easier to find the right resources, whatever your question is, wherever you are in your Workspace.

For quick access to the old Dashboard and Pantheon Documentation,

Utility Navigation

Your user icon, Gravatar, or by default, gives you quick access to your User Settings and information about who you're logged in as.


Each Workspace is a portal for all your Site and Organization WebOps needs.

Switch between Workspaces to manages each one's Sites, Users, Upstreams, and settings.