Upgrade Site Plan

Part two of our Launch Essentials guide covers upgrading your site to the proper plan to cover your needs.

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In this lesson, we'll upgrade from a free account to a paid plan by adding billing information or inviting a business owner to pay.

Contract customers should contact their account manager when they're ready to upgrade their site plan.

Use Your Own Card

To upgrade and pay for the site now, add your payment method:

  1. From the Pantheon Site Dashboard, click Upgrade next to the site's name.
  2. Click the Select button under the plan you choose.
  3. At the Choose Billing step, select the billing frequency: Pay Annually or Pay Monthly.
    • If you've chosen a Performance Plan, choose the size and click Continue.
    • If you've chosen a Basic Plan, click Continue.
  4. Click + Add New Card and enter the credit card information, then click Add Card to save the card information.
  5. Click Continue and if everything looks right, click Place Your Order to confirm your purchase.

As the site owner, you’ll receive an email confirming the change to the site. After the site billing is processed, you’ll receive an updated invoice.

Transfer Ownership and Billing for This Site

This process will transfer ownership of the site immediately. The account paying for the site is automatically assigned the Site Owner role and will receive future invoices and billing notifications. Agencies maintain access by being associated as a Supporting Organization.

A transfer of ownership is the most common way non-agency developers and Registered Agencies (i.e., non-Partner Agencies) deliver completed sites to their clients. If you are a Partner Agency looking to ensure that your client receives Preferred Pricing, you should send an invitation to your client to pay for the site.

Single-site businesses can also use this method when site ownership needs to be transferred to someone else within the company. The invitation will guide the recipient through adding their payment method to the site for the designated plan.

We recommend communicating with the business owner well in advance of sending a transfer request. It's a good idea to have them notify you once they've upgraded so you can continue the going live procedure. Feel free to share the Site Owner FAQ guide with them.

  1. Click the Billing tab in the Pantheon Site Dashboard.

  2. Click Transfer Site > enter the email address associated with the account to which you want to transfer site ownership.

  3. Click Send Request.

    The recipient will need to confirm the transfer.

Resellers and Enterprise organizations must contact their Account Manager or create a Support ticket to request a transfer of ownership.

Troubleshooting a Declined Credit Card

A decline code indicates that your payment cannot be processed. Refer to the documentation on decline code meanings to learn how you can resolve a declined payment.