Upgrade Site Plan

In this lesson, we'll upgrade from a free account to a paid plan by adding billing information or inviting a business owner to pay.

Use Your Own Card

If you plan to pay for the site or if you want to wait to transfer ownership, you can add your own payment method now:

  1. From the Pantheon Site Dashboard, click Settings.
  2. Go to the Billing tab and select a payment method, then click Update Payment Method. You can add a new card or choose from cards already associated with your user account.
  3. Select the desired plan from the Plan tab, then click Update Plan.

As the site owner, you’ll receive an email confirming the change to the site. After the site billing is processed, you’ll receive an updated invoice.

Transfer Ownership and Billing for This Site

This is the most common way agencies handle billing. Single-site businesses can also use this method when site ownership needs to be transferred to someone else within the company. The invitation will guide the recipient through adding their payment method to the site for the designated plan.

We recommend communicating with the business owner well in advance of sending an invitation. It's a good idea to have them notify you once they've upgraded so you can continue the going live procedure. Feel free to share the Site Owner FAQ guide with them.


This process will transfer ownership of the site. The account paying for the site is automatically assigned the Site Owner role. Agencies maintain access by being associated as a Supporting Organization.

If a credit card is already associated with the site, site ownership can not be transferred.

To temporarily remove the card and enable ownership transfer:

  1. From the Pantheon Site Dashboard, click Settings.
  2. In the Your Credit Cards section, change the selected credit card to Do not bill this site to a card. and click Update Payment Method.
  3. Continue with the steps below for when there is no credit card associated with the site.

If there is no existing credit card already associated with the site:

  1. From the Pantheon Site Dashboard, click Team.
  2. In the Team Members section, add the new Site Owner's email address and click Add to Team. A green checkmark notification appears and the name and email show below.
  3. To the right of the user's name and email, click the Make Owner link.
  4. A popup asks "Are you sure?" and asks for confirmation. Follow the instructions and click the red button to continue changing the Site Owner.

Enterprise Organizations can use the same process to assume ownership of a site; however, Agency Partners do not have the ability to own sites directly.

Resellers should contact Pantheon Support directly to transfer ownership.

Ready to launch like the pros?

Now that you've upgraded your site to a paid plan, it's the perfect time to test how your site works in the wild.

New Relic APM Pro

In preparation for these tests, activate New Relic APM Pro so you can observe your site's performance like a maverick. This service is accessible from the Pantheon Site Dashboard for all site plans except Basic, and it offers a nearly real-time look into the performance of a web application.

Performance Testing

Measure your site's response time to proactively expose potential bottlenecks. We recommend running performance tests before you run load tests.

Load Testing

Make sure your site can withstand peak traffic spikes after launch. This test should be performed on the Live environment before the site has launched, after performance testing.