Launch Checks

Part six of our Launch Essentials guide covers launch checks to perform before going live.

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Enable and Schedule Weekly Backups

  1. Click Backups on the Dev tab of your Site Dashboard then click Backup Schedule.

  2. Toggle to Enable if needed, then pick the day you want to create weekly backups on and click Update Weekly Backup Schedule.

  3. Repeat these steps for the Test and Live environments.

For more information on this feature, see Backups Tool.

Enable and Test Email Plugin/Module (Optional)

If your site will be sending outgoing email, we strongly recommend using a third-party email service provider. See Email on Pantheon for more information.


Some email solution providers (like Sendgrid) may implement a waiting period before upgrading to a paid plan, to combat malicious email. If you're switching email providers as part of your launch, make sure to research plan for this if applicable.

Review Status Reports

Launch with confidence by taking advantage of Pantheon's static site analysis service for Drupal and WordPress.

  1. Access the Live environment in your Pantheon Site Dashboard.

  2. Navigate to the Status page.

  3. The automated report will check for exploited patterns in code, shows database stats, reveals PHP errors, and much more.

For more information on what is included in these checks and how they work, see Drupal Launch Check and WordPress Launch Check.

Shoot for all green, but at the very least be sure and fix all errors and review every notice.