Start a Pull Request

In step three of the Build Tools guide, learn how to use GitHub as part of your workflow.


This section demonstrates GitHub's Pull Request workflow for Pantheon by making a simple code change on a feature branch then opening a Pull Request to accept that change into master.

The master branch is automatically built and deployed to the Dev environment. Feature branches are automatically built and deployed to individual Multidev environments:

Continuous delivery diagram

  1. From your GitHub project page, click on the config directory. Select the file named and click to open an editor: Configuration

  2. Change the slogan to something inspiring:

    Edit slogan

  3. Scroll down and enter a message describing this change in the Commit changes area. Then, click on the radio button to create a new branch and give it a short name, like slogan, then click Propose file change:

    Create slogan branch

  1. Click Create Pull Request:

    Slogan Pull Request

  2. Wait for the build on CircleCI to leave a comment, then click on the Visit Site button to access the Multidev site URL. Note that the slogan you entered in your Pull Request branch has been imported and is visible in the site header:

    Site initial login

    This Multidev environment will persist for as long as the Pull Request remains open in GitHub.

  3. Click Log in and to access the admin account for this site using the password you provided to the build-env:create-project command:

    Site admin log in