Drupal 9 Migration Guides

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Drupal 9 includes many of the familiar features and layout introduced in Drupal 8, and removes deprecated code to help improve future Drupal development.

Learn how to migrate your site to Drupal 9, or upgrade to Drupal 9 from another platform.

Upgrade to Drupal 9 on the Pantheon Platform

How Site Was Created

Additional Requirements

Upgrade Guide
Build Tools--Migrate a Site That Was Created with Build Tools to Drupal 9
Custom Upstream--Migrate a Custom Upstream to Drupal 9
Empty UpstreamMultidevMigrate a Site That Was Created with an Empty Upstream to Drupal 9
Dashboard--Migrate a Drupal 8 Site to Drupal 9
DashboardMultidevMigrate a Drupal 8 Site with Multidev to Drupal 9 Using Multidev
DashboardDrupal version set to 8Migrate a Site Created With the Pantheon Dashboard to Drupal 9
DashboardNeeds Build Tools WorkflowMigrate a Site That Needs a Build Tools Workflow to Drupal 9 + Build Tools
DashboardCreated using drupal-project or drupal-recommended upstreamMigrate a Site That Was Created Using a Deprecated Upstream to Drupal 9

Moving to Drupal 9 From Another Platform

Composer Managed?

Upgrade Guide
NoMigrate a Drupal 9 Site from Another Platform
YesMigrate a Composer Managed Drupal 9 Site from Another Platform