Deleting a Site on Pantheon

Information on removing a Drupal or WordPress site from Pantheon.

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At some point, you may need or want to delete one of your sites on Pantheon. The number of free sites you can create is increased after a free site is deleted, or after it has converted to a paid plan.

Only the site's "User in Charge" or "Owner" can delete a site. See Roles and Permissions for more information.


This action is permanent and irreversible. Export any needed content, code, or files from the site before starting this operation.

Before you delete a site: Downgrade the site plan to Sandbox. See Manage Site Plans for more information.

After you delete a site that had a live domain or subdomain: Update the DNS records so that they don't continue to point to the deleted site.

Delete a Site Using the Pantheon Site Dashboard

  1. Select Settings > Delete Site.

  2. Click the Delete Site button.

    Site Dashboard Operations Delete Site

  3. Enter the site title; this ensures you're aware of the site you're deleting.

  4. Click Delete.

    Site Dashboard Operations Delete Site Confirm

Delete a Site From the Organization Dashboard

  1. Select the checkbox next to the site you want to delete.

  2. Click Operations, and select Delete Site.

    Organization Dashboard Operations Delete Site

  3. Type Delete.

  4. Click Delete Site(s).

    Organization Dashboard Operations Delete Site Confirm

Delete a Site with Terminus

Run the following Terminus command:

terminus site:delete <site>


Replace <site> with your site name. You can see a list of all your sites by running terminus site:list.

Delete Site via Terminus

Delete a Multidev Environment

Refer to the Delete a Branch Environment section of our Multidev guide for more information.