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Pantheon is working to bring you the latest tools to build decoupled sites.

Contributors: Steve Persch, Alex Fornuto.

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Decoupled Architecture is a site architecture that combines the speed and agility of static sites with the editing ease of standard-model content management systems. Web teams can use tools and frameworks specialized to their areas of expertise; Front-end Developers can use modern JavaScript-centric frameworks and libraries rather than the theming systems of older, monolithic LAMP stack systems like WordPress and Drupal.

 Early Access

This page refers to products and features which are currently in development or early access. The content on this page is subject to change as development continues, so check back frequently to learn the latest developments.

Pantheon's Decoupled Architecture

Pantheon is enabling developers and agencies to easily create and manage decoupled sites from a single platform, by providing two new products: Decoupled Bridge and Edge Sites.

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Decoupled Bridge

Decoupled Bridge is a product for running a Node.js codebase in parallel with a WordPress or Drupal site. It serves a use case where a domain's public traffic is delivered from a Server-Side Rendered front-end framework such as Frontity, Next.js, or Nuxt.js and administrative content editing is done in a WordPress or Drupal interface.

A flow diagram of the Decoupled Bridge architecture

Decoupled Bridge is presently in Early Access, where we are engaging with a small set of customers via our Professional Services team. Each Decoupled Bridge site requires connecting continuous integration and infrastructure tooling to a GitHub repository.

We recommend, but do not require, that repositories be structured as "monorepos" with back-end CMS code and front-end framework code managed together. The monorepo structure allows for easier synchronization of changes that affect the back-end and front-end sides together.

Edge Sites

Edge Sites is a forthcoming product for running websites built to run on a Content Delivery Network (CDN). Edge Sites takes the results of a Node.js static site generator process and deploys it to the edge of our Global CDN.

Edge Sites will be optimized for popular Static Site Generator (SSG) frameworks like Gatsby. A finalized list of supported frameworks will be developed by working with customer sites during Early Access and Limited Availability phases.

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A flow diagram of the Edge Sites architecture


What Content Management Systems (CMS) will Decoupled Bridge and Edge Sites support?

WordPress and Drupal are still the CMSs of choice at Pantheon, and are the only data source available for these products.

What Git providers will Decoupled Bridge and Edge Sites support?

Both products are being developed with GitHub as the location of source repositories. During Early Access and Limited Availability we will evaluate other providers with which our customers need to integrate.

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