Pantheon Changelog

November 2021 Changelog

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Platform Improvements

Drupal 9.2.7

Drupal 9.2.7 is now available for production sites. Drupal 9 sites on Pantheon use Integrated Composer, enabling one-click core updates through the Dashboard. To check for available updates, click Check Now from the Site Dashboard Dev tab.

Drupal 9.2.x will receive security coverage until June 15, 2022. Sites on 9.1.x or earlier should update to Drupal 9.1.13.


Convert a Standard Drupal 8 Site to a Composer Managed Site - Upgrade a standard Drupal 8 site, by converting it to a Composer-managed Drupal 8 site on the new Integrated Composer framework. The documentation provides a guide for converting a standard Drupal 8 site using drops-8 to the new Integrated Composer drupal9 upstream while remaining on Drupal 8.

Using Solr 8 on Drupal 9 - Pantheon Search with Solr 8 is currently in Limited Availability. Pantheon Search derives from Apache Solr 8 and gives Drupal 9 web teams a high-performance search index integrated with Integrated Composer's easy one-click updates.