Pantheon Changelog

August 2020

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Platform Improvements

Dedicated Certificates & Updated Go-live

All Pantheon customers are now provisioned with a dedicated certificate for HTTPS for each custom domain on a site environment. In addition, the go-live experience has been optimized and now lets you configure HTTPS before launch via the DNS TXT method to verify domain ownership.

Multidev and COVID Response Site Offers

Pantheon’s Multidev and COVID Response site offers have been extended to Sept 1, 2020.

Drupal 9.0

Drupal 9 is available for early access testing with new or existing sites. We don't recommend fully switching a live site to Drupal 9 until we have upgraded our version of MariaDB.

Drupal 8.9.2

Drupal 8.9.2 is now available on the Pantheon platform. Detailed information on applying and debugging core updates can be found in the Core Updates documentation. For more information, see the Drupal 8.9.2 release notes.