Pantheon Changelog

October 2019

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Platform Improvements

Pantheon Now Enforces HTTPS by Default

This release also includes several options to control HSTS and the ability to choose a primary domain. For details see the blog announcement, Pantheon YAML documentation and our updated Launch Essentials guide.

Platform Robots.txt Now Allows Swiftbot

Swiftbot can now crawl non-production environments and platform domains like to support pre-release site search testing. For details see, Bots and Indexing on Pantheon.

Drupal Core Updates Available

Drupal 8.7.7 is available to apply as a 1-click update on Pantheon site dashboards.

WordPress 5.2.3

Update to WordPress 5.2.3. For more information, see


Install and Configure Lando

Learn how to use Lando for local WordPress development.