Pantheon Changelog

April 2019

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Community Updates

Pantheon has launched our new Community Forum! In addition to the ephemeral and fast-moving Slack channel, the new forum gives the community a place for long-form discussions, problem-solving, and engagement.

Moving forward, we’ll update you in this newsletter with the hottest topics and discussions happening in the community.

Pantheon Heroes

We’re also excited to announce our new advocacy program, Pantheon Heroes. If you love Pantheon, the Open Web, and helping others, apply for Hero Status so we can help you help the world.

Platform Improvements

WordPress 5.1.1

Pantheon has made WordPress 5.1.1, a security release, available on the platform. All users are encouraged to upgrade. For more information, see the WordPress 5.1.1 release announcement.

Drupal Core Upgrades

Drupal 8.6.13 and 7.65 have been pushed to all Drupal Site Dashboards.


Automate Testing with Behat

Andrew Taylor turned his Midwest PHP talk on Behat into a new guide on the installation and basic configuration of the automated testing tool.

Essential Developer Training

This video series from Pantheon’s Developer Relations Team is a condensed version of their popular training sessions.