Pantheon Changelog
March 2019

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Platform Improvements

Terminus 2.0 Released!

Terminus 2.0 is the first major release of Terminus in over two years. New features let you list and change site plan level, and progress bars help you track the progress of your jobs. With this release we've also announced an EOL schedule for older versions of Terminus.

EU Region Early Access

Early Access to run sites in Pantheon’s new European Region is now available for contract customers. See for details and contact us for more info.

Drupal 8.6.10, 7.64, and WordPress 5.1 Now Available as 1-click Updates

Pantheon has released Drupal 8.6.10, Drupal 7.64, and WordPress 5.1 on the platform. For information on applying the updates see WordPress and Drupal Core Updates.

PHP 7.2 Updated

Updated to PHP 7.2.15 platform-wide. For more information, see

WordPress Launch Check Shows Vulnerability Info

A fix has been deployed for WordPress Launch Check and the Pantheon site dashboard "Status" tab, which now accurately reports plugin vulnerabilities.


Terminus 2.0

This doc covers the important changes from this major release, some of which are not backwards-compatible.

Create a New Site in Pantheon’s EU Region

Early access information for the new EU Region.