Pantheon Changelog
October 2018

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Platform Improvements

Improve Email Deliverability with SPF records

While we still recommend using a third-party email solution, for those who choose to use Pantheon's built-in message transfer agent (MTA), you may now set up an SPF record for your domain and include Pantheon's mail relays for improved delivery. For details, see: Email on Pantheon.

Drupal Maintenance Mode ImageCache Fix

Fixed an issue where image derivatives (ImageCache, image styles) were not generating successfully in Drupal maintenance mode.

Drupal 8.6.1

Update to Drupal 8.6.1. For more information, see

PHP Version Updates

PHP was updated to versions 5.6.38, 7.0.32, 7.1.22 and 7.2.10.


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