Pantheon Changelog
July 2018

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Platform Improvements

Terminus 1.8.1

If you haven’t updated Terminus recently, check out the Terminus Changelog to see what’s new and update to the current release.

Drupal 8.5.5

Pantheon has released Drupal 8.5.5 on the platform. For more information, see

Crawler Access to Platform Domains

More crawlers can now access platform domains, like, to support pre-release SEO testing. Details:

WordPress 4.9.7

Pantheon has released WordPress 4.9.7 on the platform. For more information, see


Introduction to Domain Name Services

Learn the basics of DNS and some of the most common pain points.

Early Access: Custom Certificates on Pantheon's Global CDN

Contract customers who need to retain custom TLS certificates now can.

Convert a Standard Drupal 8 Site to a Composer Managed Site

For when you discover you need to move your existing Drupal 8 site to a Composer-managed workflow.

WooCommerce Quick Start

Get your commerce site spun up quickly on Pantheon. Written by Patrick Rauland.

Professional Services

This new service includes consulting, migrations, load testing, training, and dedicated customer success managers. Available to customers with Gold, Platinum, or Diamond support plans.