Pantheon Changelog
February 2018

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Platform Improvements

Custom Upstream Quicksilver Enhancement

You can now automatically trigger Quicksilver scripts from the pantheon.upstream.yml file when you create new sites from a custom upstream.

PHP Updates

PHP 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, and 7.2 have been updated to the latest versions platform-wide to address a vulnerability that could allow for arbitrary code execution.

WordPress Core Upgrade

WordPress 4.9.4 has been pushed to all WordPress site dashboards.

Drupal Core Upgrades

Drupal 8.4.5, a security release, has been pushed to all Drupal 8 site dashboards.

Drupal 7.57, a security release, has been pushed to all Drupal 7 site dashboards. This release is classified as a security release and all users are urged to upgrade their sites as soon as possible.

Legacy SSL Add On Price Increase

On March 5th, the cost for legacy load balancers increased from $30/month to $60/month. To avoid increased charges, upgrade to the Global CDN, which includes free, automated HTTPS, by updating DNS records.