Pantheon Changelog
January 2018

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Pantheon Moves to Google Cloud Platform

GCP and Pantheon Logo

Pantheon has switched infrastructure providers from Rackspace to Google Cloud Platform. This switch requires no downtime, as we actually did it six months ago! Read the announcement here.

Platform Improvements

PHP Upgrades

We've upgraded to PHP 5.6.33, 7.0.27, 7.1.13, and 7.2.1. See our documentation to learn how to upgrade your PHP version.

WP-CLI Upgrades

WP-CLI on Pantheon has been upgraded to 1.5.0, which resolves "Error: Site not found" failures often seen when clearing caches on WordPress Site Networks.

WordPress Core Upgrade

WordPress 4.9.3 has been pushed to all WordPress site dashboards.

Drupal Core Upgrades

Drupal 8.4.4 has been pushed to all Drupal 8 site dashboards.

Registry Rebuild Upgrade

We've upgraded Registry Rebuild on Pantheon to 7.x-2.5. For details on using this Drush extension, see Drupal Drush Command-Line Utility.

Launch Check Now Supports Drupal 8

Drupal 8 sites now support Launch Check, found in the Status tab of any environment, to report best practice recommendations before going live. For more details, see Launch Check - Drupal Performance and Configuration Analysis.

New Relic PHP 7.2 Support

New Relic on Pantheon has been upgraded to version 5.0.199, which supports PHP 7.2.

Bug Fixes and Improvements


Running WordPress and Drupal as a Backend API

Learn the basics of using WordPress or Drupal as a headless API backend.

Manage Some Dependencies with Composer

Get your feet wet with Composer on WordPress or Drupal 7 before going all in.