Pantheon Changelog
November 2017

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Platform Improvements

Sites Requiring Upgrade to Global CDN Now Shown on User & Org Dashboards

Over 200,000 sites are already on Pantheon's Global CDN, but if you still have sites pointing to the legacy, deprecated infrastructure, you can now see which sites need an upgrade from your User or Organization Dashboard. Find the required DNS information from the Domains / HTTPS tab on each site environment. Complete the upgrade as soon as possible, and let us know if you have any questions.

Global CDN now respects the no-store directive in the cache-control header.

Site Dashboard Update

On newly created sites, you are now directed to install your WordPress or Drupal CMS as the next step. Install WordPress or Drupal

Drupal Core Upgrades

Drupal 8.4.2 has been pushed to all Drupal 8 site dashboards.

WordPress Core Upgrades

WordPress 4.9.1 has been pushed to all WordPress site dashboards. This is a security release, and we suggest everyone upgrade immediately.


Traffic Limits and Overages

Information on how Pantheon measures site traffic to prevent plan abuse.

WordPress Site Networks

Overview of WordPress multisite support on the Pantheon Platform.