Pantheon Changelog
October 2017

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Platform Improvements

Custom Upstreams

We’ve opened access to Custom Upstreams for all organizations on Pantheon. Read more about it on our blog, or give it a try.

Terminus 1.6

If you haven’t updated Terminus recently, check out the Terminus Changelog to see what’s new and update to the current release.

WebP Image Support

WebP, a new image format created by Google, is now supported by Pantheon’s Global CDN.

PHP 7.1 & IonCube Decoder

We’ve made PHP 7.1 available for all sites. See our documentation to learn how to upgrade your PHP version, or learn more in this blog post.

WordPress Core Upgrades

WordPress 4.8.3 has been pushed to all WordPress site dashboards. This release is classified as a critical security release, and we encourage all sites to upgrade immediately.


WordPress Development

Using Git with SFTP & WordPress

Learn how to use the WordPress dashboard, an SFTP client, and your text editor of choice to work quickly, safely and easily on Pantheon's Git-based platform.