Pantheon Changelog
August 2017

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Platform Improvements

Global CDN Surrogate Key Cache Clearing API Improvement

We improved cache clearing behavior for a large number of surrogate keys or cache tags. The fix was made internally by Pantheon and no action is required if you are already running WordPress or Drupal versions of Pantheon Advanced Page Cache. See the Pantheon Advanced Page Cache for WordPress and Drupal pages for more information.

Terminus 1.5

If you haven't updated Terminus recently, checkout the Terminus Changelog to see what's new and update to the current release

PHP Upgrades

We upgraded PHP to 5.6.31 and 7.0.23. See our documentation to learn how to upgrade your PHP version. Drupal 7 sites may require action.

Drupal Core Upgrades

Drupal 8.3.7 has been pushed to all Drupal 8 site dashboards.

WordPress Core Upgrades

WordPress 4.8.1 has been pushed to all WordPress site dashboards


New Articles

Pantheon Modules

Integrating Asana with Pantheon using Quicksilver Hooks