Advanced Global CDN

Pantheon Professional Services can help you uniquely optimize our Global CDN


Advanced Global CDN takes our CDN offering a step forward for customers that have unique optimizations required for digital delivery at scale. It includes a wide range of benefits including letting teams individually manage their own sites, drive growth through site iteration, calibrate control over branding, and extend enterprise-grade security.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Global CDN still included?

Yes, Global CDN is always included free of charge for all Pantheon customers. This enables customers to render pages with extraordinary speed by caching responses at the edge at over 70 Fastly points of presence.

Who sets up the Fastly edge configuration files?

Advanced Global CDN is supported by Pantheon’s highly experienced Professional Services team, who can set up, configure, and maintain your Fastly edge configurations.

Is the CDN configurable?

Yes. Unlike Global CDN, Advanced Global CDN can be configured to meet the unique needs of your team. While we don’t currently give you direct access to the Fastly configuration file, our Professional Services team can implement the custom settings that you require.

How do I get Advanced Global CDN?

Contact us to let us know when you're ready to unlock the full potential of the Pantheon Global CDN. Our Professional Services team will talk through your needs and help determine the best configuration for you.


  • Full-page & asset caching

    Unlike most CDNs that only handle images and other static assets, full-page technology lets you cache entire pages and assets at the edge.

  • Layer 3 & 4 DDOS protection & mitigation

  • SOC2 compliance

  • IP allowlisting & blocklisting

    • Blocklist - prevent users with specific IPs or in IP ranges from accessing your site.
    • Allowlist - only allow users with specific IPs or in IP ranges to access your site, blocking everyone else.
  • Token authentication / JWT (JSON Web Token)

    Use the AGCDN Edge to generate JSON Web Tokens to help build your custom API.

  • Custom error & maintenance page rules

  • Geolocation based edge control

    Take action on the edge based on the physical location of the user (eg. blocking or redirecting based on country) or send back location information to your application for more custom control.

  • Device detection and edge control

  • Persistent presence for continual uptime

    Adjusts the serve stale content setting.

  • Full CDN edge logs

    See every request to your website, whether or not the content was cached. Full CDN edge logs combine the server logs with logs from the edge to provide a complete picture of your traffic.

  • Modify headers at the edge

    Change request and response headers before your application starts up to create, add, delete, or update parts of your request.

  • Edge Redirects

    Reduce requests on your CMS by moving page redirects to the edge.

  • Domain masking and reverse Proxy

    • Domain masking: run multiple Pantheon or non-Pantheon applications behind a single domain, using different URL paths
    • Reverse proxy: serve content from another service (eg. S3) seamlessly from your application.
  • Enterprise blue/green support

Additional Features from WAF/IO

  • Efficient image optimization (IO) at the edge
  • Layer 7/Enterprise DDoS protection & mitigation
  • OWASP & WAF rules for Drupal/WordPress
  • Custom/Comprehensive WAF services
  • Advanced bot detection & mitigation (Available as an add-on)

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