Bring Your Whole Self; Make a Difference

At Pantheon, live your values, welcome everyone, and create positive change in the world. We believe in equity.

Black Lives Matter

We stand with the Black community against racism, violence, and hate. All institutions, including companies, have a duty to act as allies and speak up for justice and equality. At Patheon, we're committed to building a company that looks like the world around us.

Love Out Loud

With our roots in San Francisco, we sometimes take for granted the open-minded stance of our friends and employees toward LGBTQ+ rights—we bring this dedication to sexual and gender equality everywhere we go. Join us in being an inclusive workplace that encourages team members to be their whole, authentic selves.

Leading From the Front

The lack of diversity in tech isn’t just a pipeline problem; it’s a retention problem. Here are a few key steps to becoming a more thoughtful—and inclusive—team leader.

A Culture Add, Not a Culture Fit!

Diversity elevates innovation, and teams with a range of perspectives spark truly creative, sustainable ideas. We're committed to creating a culture of inclusivity at Pantheon.

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