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Pantheon's WebOps Platform ranks as a Leader in Web Content Management by G2.

What is Web Content Management (WCM)?

Web content management (WCM) providers allow people to easily create, edit, and publish digital content for websites. Web content management systems make uploading, writing, and publishing content simple and are often used in collaborative scenarios, like digital marketing teams, where multiple team members can monitor and manage web content.

Pantheon's WebOps Platform provides web content management solutions out-of-the-box and allows you and your team to quickly build and manage WordPress, Drupal, and WooCommerce websites.

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Key Benefits of Web Content Management Software

  • Non-technical and intuitive approach to drafting and publishing content.
  • Plugins and modules can be added to increase functionality and features.

  • Formatting content is straightforward and painless.
  • SEO can be easily managed with pagination, page headers and titles, meta tags, and URL structure.
  • User management allows ability to grant access to select data, features, objects, etc.                                                                              
  • Keep track of incrementally changing versions of the same content.


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