Mission: uptime! The world will not wait while an admin makes a security update.

Your nonprofit website should be as transparent as your mission. But many nonprofits discover hidden costs of running open-source CMS websites. Just because a volunteer is managing the servers to keep your website up and running doesn’t make it cost-effective or risk-free.

Your cause is too important to depend on a black box with unreliable performance. Pantheon frees nonprofits to focus on outreach, not web infrastructure. Websites that run on Pantheon don’t go down for traffic spikes, security updates, or server upgrades. They come up sooner in the search engine rankings, too, extending the reach of every dollar.

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Nonprofit Case Studies

HRW trusts Pantheon to run their site and scale smoothly for frequent traffic spikes.

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Human Rights Watch

Renowned nonprofit standardizes their website infrastructure so they can focus on their cause.

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Concern Worldwide Improves User Experience, Increases Donations with SystemSeed & Pantheon

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Concern Worldwide