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Break stories, not servers. Publish and go viral without risk.

Publishers don’t plan every headline weeks in advance. When they recognize a good story, they follow it. Wherever it leads. And they don’t ask for permission to run a good story. They just do it.

You shouldn’t have to ask for permission to scale your website, either. But that’s what traditional hosting requires, asking publishers to work in opposition to their own workflows. Hundreds of millions of pageviews are permitted, but only with careful planning and manual server configuration.

Pantheon makes media and publishing websites as agile and as transparent as their newsrooms. There’s no limit to how many stories you can break, or how many pageviews you can serve. Just as you automate publishing with an open-source CMS, you can automate sysadmin, performance, and security by running your Drupal or WordPress site on Pantheon. Scale instantly to hundreds of millions of pageviews. The platform does all the work, automatically scaling so you can go viral without penalties. No more outages, slowdowns, or performance hits.

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