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Move beyond hosting. Standardize on a website management platform.

Pantheon takes infrastructure management off your plate. One clean, smooth-scaling platform makes every site standards-compliant and airtight. Users get total freedom to customize—within constraints. Web teams get freedom to focus on high-value features.

Our website management platform enables your team to focus on building great websites while we handle all the hosting, work-flow, deployment, security and scale. All of this delivered in a fraction of the time it used to take, for a fraction of the overall cost.

Pantheon’s three environments (dev, test, live) and workflow tools like Git and Multidev allow us to ship code faster, and iterate with greater frequency.


Top Universities Trust Pantheon


  • Turnkey solution gives non-technical customers autonomy over own websites
  • Integrated SSL and SSO out of the box—no third-party modules
  • Offload infrastructure management to a service
  • Adapts to seasonal traffic spikes instantly
  • One-click security updates make it easy to keep sites patched and secure

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Pantheon frees up the equivalent of two or three full-time employees who would have had to manage hosting.
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