Keep community top of mind—not web compliance, security, and servers.

Can governments own the systems to maintain reliable website performance and airtight security—without having to manually maintain them? Yes, you can.

Government websites must be fully 508-compliant and secure. But all too often, web teams are forced to make trade-offs after choosing open source CMS. You’ve automated publishing on one end, but someone is manually managing servers and configuring workflows on the other. Server management and security updates aren’t your job, but they become someone’s job when problems arise. Pantheon lets you completely sidestep the hidden costs and risks of traditional hosting.

Just as open-source CMS makes publishing automatic, Pantheon makes developing and running a scalable website automatic on one clean, smooth-scaling platform. Every site is consistently accessible and secure. Users get total freedom to customize within constraints. Teams can make updates, introduce offers, and launch campaigns with the click of a button. 

Our Government Clients

Congressional Black Caucus
United Nations Development Programme
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