Webinar Recap: Get Ready for Gutenberg with Daniel Bachhuber

I recently spoke with WP-CLI Maintainer Daniel Bachhuber during Pantheon’s Get Your Sites Ready for Gutenberg webinar. We discussed the process for installing Gutenberg, reviewing feature parity, and then coming up with a plan for going from using the Classic Editor to using the Gutenberg Editor. You can view the recorded webinar here. Below is an overview of the webinar.

Get Your Sites Ready for Gutenberg

Webinar Notes:

How to Formulate a Testing Plan

1. Create a multidev environment specifically for your testing process.

    a. “Fork” your dev environment to test things out before pushing live.

2. Open up the Classic Editor and identify any non-core UI (Yoast SEO meta box, Add Form button for Gravity Forms, etc.). Goal: Identify what everything should look like after installing Gutenberg.

3. Install Gutenberg

4. Review Gutenberg Editor for feature parity

What about the other people using the site?

  • Determine the learning curve for those who will be new to the Gutenberg Editor.

How do you go from “No Gutenberg” to “Fully Gutenberg”?

  • Identify and share training content with editorial team on how to use Gutenberg broadly.

  • Document how any necessary custom functionality is possible with Gutenberg.

  • Prepare a timeline for the transition (3-6 months?):

    • First, do some basic site testing against Gutenberg for compatibility. Does everything work without additional changes? Or will code need to be updated for full feature parity?

    • Second, reproduce any custom functionality in Gutenberg (if necessary). Wait for plugins to be updated for compatibility (if necessary).

    • Third, roll Gutenberg out to production so that both the Gutenberg Editor and Classic Editor are available.

    • Fourth, remove the Classic Editor from production.

  • Important: Don’t refactor your entire site while migrating to Gutenberg. Migrate fully to Gutenberg first, and then refactor to your heart’s content.

When You Need to Go Beyond the Basics

Blocks API

Document that covers the main properties of block registration.

Gutenberg Plugin Compatibility Database

Documents plugin compatibility with Gutenberg.

Gutenberg Migration Guide

Documents WordPress Classic Editor integration points and their Gutenberg equivalents.

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WordPress 5.0 and the Gutenberg Editor
Get ready for the biggest change to WordPress in years with a complete guide to Gutenberg from the experts at Pantheon.

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