Top 5 Resources: WordPress Logging and Monitoring

As part of our series of blog posts collecting top resources on WordPress Security, we'll explore an important piece of the security puzzle—how to log WordPress errors and server activity, and monitor WordPress instances for failure and unusual events. Without proper logging and monitoring in place, it can be impossible to detect and react to security issues or attacks. Below we have collected our top 5 resources that explain how to manage error logging on WordPress, monitor your WordPress site's uptime, and use different plugins to troubleshoot and log problems on a WordPress site.

Using The WordPress Debug Log

Do you ever make mistakes? I do. The first step to fixing your mistakes is knowing what the mistake is. I can't solve all of your problems, but I can help fix those that are generated by PHP code on your WordPress site by helping you work with debug logs.

Plugins for Monitoring Your WordPress Site's Uptime

Do you know the importance of the uptime of your website? Is your site going down regularly in the middle of the night when those on the other side of the world are trying to visit? To get notified about any error we have to use monitoring solutions. Here is a review on how to use different uptime monitoring tools.

How to Add Admin Alerts and Error Messages to the Backend of WordPress

Admin notices are an integral part of plugins, they allow you to show error/success/warning messages to your users, prompting them for action or simply notifying them of something that has happened. In this article, we'll take a look at the standard way to add admin notices and some additional options introduced in WordPress 4.2, including how to make notices dismissable.

How to Log PHP Errors in WordPress

Has you site ever broken after making some changes to a plugin or writing some code? If so, you'll know how frustrating it is to not know what went wrong. But don't worry - this simple tutorial will show you how to configure WordPress to log PHP errors in any file of your choosing.

Finding Hidden WordPress Errors With Debug Logging

It would be really awesome if your WordPress site just worked, always. In reality a WordPress site is a combination of an infinite number of plugins and themes and something is bound to go wrong at times. Knowing how to troubleshoot problems is an important skill if you make and maintain WordPress sites.

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