Calling All Agencies: How Does Your Agency Compare to Your Peers?

One of the privileges of working at Pantheon is the ability to interact closely with so many of our talented agency partners. From large full service digital agencies to the small, upcoming development shops, each agency has its own unique approach to web development. Something each has in common, however, is the desire to improve their business: be that improving technical expertise, growing headcount, increasing profitability, establishing greater business stability, or just having more fun at work. 

It is not a surprise to me that the most common set of questions I am asked by agencies in the Drupal and WordPress ecosystem revolve around that goal. Every agency owner I’ve met wants to improve their business, but most don’t know where to start. This is the internal monologue of most agency owners I know (and I’ve been one myself):

“Should I hire more developers?”

“Should I offer more services, such as design, or strategy?”

“When should I hire sales leader(s)?”
“How do I increase my bill rate, but not lose bids?” 

“What are other agencies doing right?”

It would be great to be able to build a strategy having data in-hand, and that’s why we partnered with third-party experts to try and do just that. 

Find out just how you stack up against other agencies. 

Enter our Digital Agency Benchmark Assessment. Based on the data and experiences that Pantheon has working with thousands of web development agencies, we’ve devised this 20-something question assessment. The results should serve as a quick way to benchmark your agency against your peers and offer advice on areas to focus. Think of it as business consulting through software focused on helping your organization mature and grow in four key areas: website operations, developer happiness, client services, and developer efficiency. 


Pantheon Digital Agency Assessment

We don’t have all the answers, but we have a lot of experience working with agencies and a lot of advice to give on how to continue to mature and level up your agency. If you are interested in seeing how you rank, take the assessment today and we’ll follow up to go through your results. 


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