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Best Practices for Migrating Drupal Websites

Learn About Higher Ed Drupal Migrations at Scale

Eric Michalsen

Customer Onboarding Manager

Dharizza Espinach

Drupal Trainer & Senior Backend Developer

About this webinar:

With Drupal 7 set to reach its end of life November 2022, now is the perfect time to start planning your large-scale migrations.

Evolving Web recently completed a sizable Drupal migration for the University of Waterloo and is excited to share their approach, the lessons they learned, and some practical advice for executing Drupal migrations at scale.

Hear how Evolving Web used several Pantheon platform features extensively — including Custom Upstreams, Multidev and Terminus Scripting — to automate the migration process, while realizing the time-saving benefits of WebOps best practices.

Join us to learn how to successfully migrate your Institution's website from D7 to D9!

What you’ll learn:

  • How to plan, resource, and execute a large-scale migration project
  • How to to streamline the process when migrating hundreds of sites
  • How to migrate themes and modules to be D9 compatible


  1. What it Means to Migrate (10am PDT | 1pm EDT)
  2. The Mechanics of Migration (11am PDT | 2PM EDT)
  3. Plan and Implement a Large Migration (12pm PDT | 3pm EDT)

Who Should Attend

  • Developers for insight into best practices for large-scale migrationsHow to plan, resource, and execute a large-scale migration project
  • Project Managers for a depper understanding of how to plan and resource a large Drupal migration from a project management perspective
  • Project Leads to learn about talking with project stakeholders and approaching a project with realistic expectations