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The Path to Agency Success - Step6

Step 6



Mike Pirog

Mike Pirog, Co-Founder, Kalamuna

If you care about doing great work, then you also care about saving money on repeatable things. Good clients hate inefficiencies just as much as we do. Standardizing saves you money so you can focus on things that make your work great. That’s the most valuable thing about Pantheon.

Many agencies looking to scale decide to standardize their development and hosting for clients. Keeping that control can become costly on top developers, pulling them out of projects to manage infrastructure. Agencies who standardize on Pantheon get the best of both worlds: The control that they need to scale, and no more infrastructure management.

To-Do List

  1. This is a big commitment, so don’t just take it from us. Review what some of our standardized agencies think of us.


  2. ​Consider becoming a Pantheon Reseller as a way to standardize.
  3. If you’re clients are responsible for hosting payments, but you’d still like them all hosted on Pantheon you are probably a great candidate for our Fast Track program
  4. Reach out your your Partner Manager if you think standardization on Pantheon is right for your agency but don’t know where to start.

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