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The Path to Agency Success - Step 5

Step 5

Scaling with Pantheon


If you’ve made it to Step 5, we consider you a Pantheon pro. You understand how Pantheon’s development tools keep projects moving efficiently and make ongoing maintenance a breeze for teams. We now want to make sure you can advocate these benefits to clients so Pantheon becomes the obvious choice for new projects. 

Take some time to learn about the additional benefits Pantheon provides to agencies who become a partner and how Pantheon can help you with your sales process to clients.

To-Do List

  1. If you aren’t already, talk with us about becoming a Pantheon Partner.
  2. Read up on Pantheon plans, features, and value to your clients–we’re happy to help you navigate pricing and plans if needed.
  3. Reach out to your Partner Manager to learn how to refer a deal for referral fees and other benefits for your agency. 
  4. Bookmark our Pantheon Partner Portal—It’s got all you need for you and your clients to get the most out of Pantheon!

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