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Agency Path to Success - Step 1

Step 1: Consideration

Step 1



So you’ve officially found Pantheon and are hopefully aware that we’ve got a product offering just for agencies. This stage is all about you – we are not here to force Pantheon on you. It is important to evaluate our offerings to ensure they are in alignment with your agency and the types of projects you are producing. 

At this point, we’ve done this hundreds of times. We feel you will find the same success as our other partners, but first it’s important to evaluate if a website management platform is of value to your agency and clients. Take some time on our site to weigh all of our values against alternative tools you may be currently using or considering for your team.

To-Do List

  1. Are a significant portion of the projects you’re developing for clients in Drupal and/or Wordpress
  2. Calculate the time your team is spending on DevOps. For example:

    Spinning up new environments
    Configuring servers
    Security updates
    Dealing with workflow issues
    Managing customer downtime

  3. Use that calculation to determine if DIY hosting is yielding a meaningful profit for you and best serving your clients.
  4. Make sure you understand Pantheon’s offering and why we think we do what we do best:

    Website management platform
    Development tools for teams
    Elastic hosting

  5. Additionally, take an in-depth look at Pantheon’s full feature set. 

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