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The Pantheon Path to Agency Success

Six steps to help your agency find success in the adoption and use of Pantheon for Agencies.

Welcome to Pantheon.

Congratulations! You’re now en route to find success for you and your clients through Pantheon, for starters finding this guide. We’ve worked with hundreds of agencies as they evaluate, adopt, and eventually standardize their development practices on our platform and have decided it’s time to share our internal process with the masses.

We’ve compiled all of our institutional knowledge into a step-by-step guide for how our most successful agencies have adopted Pantheon. This guide is meant to help you work through common roadblocks, but fear not if you get stuck trying to work through it all yourself! Pantheon has a full team of experts who can help you down this path more quickly if desired or you find yourself blocked, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

Lev Tsypin

Lev Tsypin, CEO, ThinkShout

Pantheon’s managed distribution tools are unbelievable. Without Pantheon, we’d need to do another 100 hours of custom development operations. There’s nothing else on the market like it, period.

Ready to find success for your agency on Pantheon?

In this guide you’ll find step-by-step instructions we’ve walked hundreds of agencies through to find productive and successful outcomes through our platform. We’ve identified six proven steps to getting the most out of Pantheon for Agencies and fleshed them out for you in the following pages:

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