Partner Program

Win more big deals, and never deal with hosting again.

Adios, hosting. Whether you’re a freelancer or a large digital agency, Pantheon invests in your success. Want to attract bigger projects and orchestrate a big team? Build, launch, and run all your client sites on one unified platform. Pantheon for Agencies puts the best tools in your hands. It's free to all partners.

Pantheon eliminated my whole Rackspace bill! I am out of the server management business.

At Pantheon we realize that agencies come in all different shapes and sizes.  As a result we have developed a few ways to engage with you:

Pantheon Ally
Any professional website developer or agency that makes money developing websites for clients should be a Pantheon Ally. You get some amazing tools and this starts you down the path toward Partnership. Get started with Pantheon for Agencies for free by applying to the Pantheon Partner Program.

Pantheon Partner
Any agency leveraging Pantheon for their business and who can demonstrate this through launching sites on the Pantheon platform. As a Pantheon Partner, you get benefits like a listing in our Agency Directory and use of the Pantheon logo for your website.

Pantheon Strategic Partner
Pantheon can meet the needs of any size client site, from 10 to 100,000,000+ daily pageviews. When your clients require a higher touch, Pantheon’s Elite plans offer 24/7 support, managed scaling, SLA-backed uptime, and highly available infrastructure so your agency shines with even your biggest customers. If this is you, please contact us to discuss the best path forward.

Read the Pantheon Partner Program Guide to learn more.

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