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Sharing Is Caring: Working Online

While it can be overkill to try and force every developer to use the same text editor, you should have some general standards for development environments if only from an internal supportability standpoint. The amount of time lost to broken development environments that are special snowflakes only understood by one or two team members is painful. You also need a standard way to put your work online, and collaborate between multiple parties.

Web development is a team sport. Being able to “show your work” to clients early and often is crucial, as is being able to problem solve with colleagues without having to literally share a computer.

There are a number of key areas of site development—performance tuning, cross browser compatibility, integration with other cloud services—that simply can’t be done effectively without an online development environment.

So while local development has its benefits—working offline, seeing changes immediately, avoiding lag on data-intensive operations—you have to control the chaos and have a unified way to get work off someone’s laptop and onto the web for real.

Stephanie Canon

Stephanie Canon, Managing Partner, Chapter Three

It's always best to show a web project's progress to your clients on regular intervals. It's also a best practice to make sure this process is easy for both your development team and your clients. At Chapter Three we use web-native tools to showcase our work with our clients. Our development team can easily push up the latest code and pull down the latest content into a staging environment that we share with our clients. This is a fast, nimble process that works well for our team and helps reassure our clients that they are in lock-step with the progress of the project.

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