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The Definitive Guide to Agency Optimization

Build Better Websites, Faster with a Streamlined Workflow

If your team has mastered the art of constant perfection, you don’t need to worry about standards. The rest of us absolutely need to build our practice around consistent, highly optimized processes. It starts with solid project management and a plan for constant communication, and continues through every aspect of your development process.

Cristina D’Anni

Cristina D’Anni, Director of Development & Design, Targeted Victory

Having a defined set of standards is critical in agency work. It allows for new team members to more quickly acclimate if all code follows the same set of standards. It makes maintaining multiple sites considerably easier. If you don’t have to approach every site as if it is a unique snowflake on the backend, updates and improvements are relatively pain free, allowing more time for developing new features to bring online.

The right standardization, automation, and best practices can help your agency:

  • Take on bigger projects
  • Build better websites faster
  • Deliver extra value to clients

At Pantheon, we want to help agencies maximize their potential. So we built optimization and automation into our platform. Pantheon makes it easy to follow these best practices without sacrificing the individuality that makes your agency awesome.

See how Pantheon can be a partner on your agency’s quest for world domination. Check out Pantheon for Agencies today.

An Agency’s Most Valuable Tool

Pantheon lets you do more with your resources. The platform is absolutely free for agencies—just invite clients to pay when their sites go live.

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