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Growing Momentum through Change

Thank you for registering for Pantheon's 2020 WebOps Summit!

We enjoyed some great discussion around pivoting digital strategies, integrating Marketing and Growth into website operations, and how WebOps helps our customers grow momentum with their websites.

Access recordings and highlights from October's virtual event here.

Keynote by Zack Rosen, CEO, Pantheon

Growing Momentum through Change

WebOps Summit comes at a time where we're all looking to drive results and create impact online—more so than ever before. Using WebOps, our customers have been able to pivot quickly and sustain growth during this period of digital transformation. Just like the open web is a tool for democratizing information and affording access to all, this event aims to impart some of the knowledge, experience, and methodologies that make WebOps so effective in a digital-only world. 

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Keynote by Josh Koenig, Head of Product, Pantheon

Introducing the WebOps Keys

At a time when the open web is so essential to our economy and society as a whole, it is also under threat. While there is huge investment in closed platforms, wall gardens, and app development, there is minimal investment in making the open web a world-class platform that delivers results. That's Pantheon's differentiator. We are committed to investing back into the infrastructure we rely on so heavily. And the way we do that is with WebOps.  
To unlock true productivity and effectiveness, website operations - including the team and the site itself - must meet six keys. Performance, iteration, collaboration, measurement, optimization, automation. These are what you're going to hear about during this Summit, from our people and our customers.

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Keynote by Share Our Strength's Jason Wilson, Head of Brand + Justin Weyman, Head of Website

No Kid Hungry Responds to Coronavirus

In this session, nonprofit Share Our Strength discusses how they pivoted at the onset of Covid to feed kids in need across America— even as schools shuttered. To provide families access to the resources they need, the team at Share Our Strength built a Free Meals Finder map in under 2 weeks, and have raised more than $27 million in emergency grants. Their web traffic spiked as schools began to close, and this hasn't slowed; their top 20 traffic days have all occurred since March 12.

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Business Session by Joep Leussink, VP of Growth, Pantheon

Fostering a Growth Mindset

We hear the word "growth" again and again, but what does it mean right now, in this moment? In this session, you'll learn how a growth mindset should underline every department in your organization, including Marketing, Sales, and IT. This session will teach you the importance of adopting a growth mindset to foster an environment of experimentation, creativity, and trust.

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Technical Session by Nathan Tyler, Product Manager, Pantheon

[Sneak Peek] Pantheon Roadmap & Autopilot

This session will give you a sneak peek of Autopilot — Pantheon's newest product. With Autopilot, you take the nuance out of updates by automating and scheduling routine tasks. Free your team to innovate and work on what matters with Pantheon's Autopilot. 

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Business Session by Sarah Fruy, Director Digital Experience, Pantheon

Iterating with Focus to Drive Digital Results

Rethink the website relaunch and iterate on your digital experience to drive real results. Companies that win at digital marketing don’t bet all of their budget on a mythical two- or three-year website relaunch project. In this session, you'll learn how to align on goals and iterate with focus.

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Technical Session by Tara King, Developer Outreach Manager, Pantheon

How Developers Collaborate Remotely with Multidev

As teams go fully remote, they need new tools for collaborating. Identically configured and resourced cloud development environments let your team work more quickly and effectively, even at a distance.

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Keynote by Alex Vasquez, Co-Founder, DigiSavvy

A New Approach to Reebok's Website with an All-remote Team

When Reebok approached Pantheon Hero & Digisavy founder Alex Vasquez to "flip the fashion industry's production model on its head", his first response was yes, then the anxiety arrived. At our WebOps Summit Alex describes how ten teammates in six time zones managed to complete the project, sell out stock, and model an exciting path forward for the rest of the organization. This was all made possible with WebOps.

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Keynote by Christy Marble, CMO, Pantheon

Meet Your Audience Where They Are with Meaningful Content

If your marketing plan — your business plan, in fact — looks the same as it did six months ago and projects two years into the future as if COVID-19 never happened, you're moving too slow. In this session, you’ll learn how to respond to customer needs in real time and nail your messaging at a moment where your online presence is your only presence.

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Keynote by Elissa Fink, Former CMO, Tableau

Optimizing Your Martech Stack

Marketing has a key role in running the website, and your martech stack is how you're going to scale successfully. Learn from Elissa Fink, the CMO who took Tableau from a $5 million to $1 billion business, about her experience leading a cross-functional team using WebOps.

Watch the recorded session.

Keynote by Steve Persch, Technical Product Marketing Manager, Pantheon + Jennifer Ready, Founder & Partner, Narwhal Digital + Luis Herranz, CTO & Co-Founder, Narwhal Digital

Revolutionizing Customer Experience with Decoupled Architecture

In this session, explore the revolution in web front-ends and decoupled architectures. And enjoy a sneak peek of the product Pantheon is set to deliver.

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Keynote by Chris Wu, Web Developer, Okinawa Institute of Science & Technology + David Kees, Senior Full Stack Developer, Georgetown University

How Higher Education Is Changing

Learn how two higher education institutions, Georgetown University and Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, pivoted during the start of COVID.

Watch the recorded session.

Business Session by Josh Koenig, Head of Product, Pantheon

Websites: Your Best Digital Product

Now is your chance to drive change and strategy in your organization by looking at the intersection between digital marketing and product. Encourage your marketing team to think beyond the importance of digital strategy and more about the impact they can make in influencing product decisions.

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Technical Session by Carolyn Shannon, Manager of Technical Documentation, Pantheon

Expand Your Reach with Accessibility Testing

Website accessibility means that the website and all of its technologies are optimized for every user, and these standards are no longer optional. We'll walk through types of testing and how they can help you build a mature accessibility practice that removes barriers and lets you flex with market changes.

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Business Session by Sam Creek, Director of Revenue Systems, Pantheon

WebOps Pillars of Success

Finding your north star when it comes to data is an agile process: test, correlate, test some more. Here's how WebOps improves your ability to measure site outcomes.

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Technical Session by Nick Barber, Senior Analyst, Forrester + Josh Koenig, Head of Product, Pantheon

Industry Trends & The Next Generation of CMS

Fragmented content systems with duplicated, decaying, or unsearchable content wreak havoc across enterprise organizations today, but a new flavor of CMS is arriving. The pendulum is swinging from content management systems that require deep developer involvement to Agile CMS, which satisfies both IT teams and marketing practitioners.

Watch the recorded session.


Keynote by Kyle Letterle, Project Manager - Agile Team, FFW

Killing the Website Replatform

FFW worked with Delphix on their website by saying goodbye to major replatform projects and converting to a more agile approach of continuous developments. Continuous developments offer a way to gradually and routinely update a site without the big investments that come with a full replatform. 

Watch the recorded session.

Keynote by Alexandria Ray, Accomplice for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace

At Pantheon, we are committing to improving where women and people of color often fall out of the interview process. In this closing session, we've brought in an expert to teach you how to incorporate diversity, inclusion, and equity in the workplace.

Watch the recorded session.

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